6 tips for taking good photographs

A good wedding photographer is a must-have… After all, these are moments captured in time, of each second of the beginning of married bliss. But good photos don’t need to only come from the professionals.

Here are some tips for taking great shots at your friend or family member’s big day.

Bring extra memory

Whether you have your own bundle, or borrow from friends and family, bring as many memory cards as you possibly can. You’re going to be photographing hundreds of pictures, and you don’t want to be sorting through them at the event. Take the time to gather your cards, take loads of photos, and then sort through and edit them after the event.

Capture the costs

Along with photographing all of the people, take time to take photos of the goods that the bride and groom spent some serious cash (and planning) on. Think of the cake, the decorations, the flowers, the venue, the ring, the limo, and anything else.

Shoot more than once

Once you have nailed down what you think is the perfect shot… take a couple more. It is always good to shoot way more than you think you might need to. Events like these will never happen again, so you want to be sure you have plenty of pictures to choose from.

Take it again, with a twist

Once you have that shot, and you’ve taken it a few times, change it up a little. Go from a different angle, turn it to landscape, take a step back, move to the left… You’ll be surprised how subtle changes can make a big difference.

Avoid the sun

When shooting wedding photos outdoors, avoid the direct sunshine. If it is a really bright day, try to find shaded areas. The sunlight will give enough brightness for a natural beauty, without having harsh shadows on the subjects.

Make it a group shot

When taking group shots, make sure you can see everyone’s face for the photo. Get everyone to stand close together, and shoot about eight to ten frames per shot. Chances are, you won’t have the same group together again.

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