7 tips for being the perfect wedding guest

Don’t be “that person” that the bride and groom will always remember. After all, it’s their day, not a day for you to deem yourself The Worst Wedding Guest Ever.Here are seven tips to make sure you’re memorable as a great guest… Not as that guest.

Dress Modestly

Don’t overdress, don’t underdress. Talk to a few folks, perferably someone in the bridal party, to see what others are donning. You don’t want to be the only person in a full-fledged frock in a casual summer wedding. If you’re not sure, ask.

Get Moving

Dancing at a wedding is essential. Don’t be the person who sits at the table and says, “I don’t do dancing.” Yes, you do. And if you’re bad at it? Don’t worry. Everyone is.


Put work aside. Don’t bring that Blackberry or iPhone. Keep it in the car, or, if you’re on call, on vibrate in your purse or pocket. Even if you’re texting or emailing a response, leave the room as you would on a call.

Speak Up

Don’t know everyone at your table? Well, they don’t know you, either. Be the first to break the ice… People love to talk about themselves. Paired with someone you already know and don’t love? Shoot the shit, and keep your differences at the door.

Don’t be a Fool

A drunken fool, that is. Keep your drinks to the minimum that you’re comfortable, and only let a little looser if (a) you can handle it and (b) most other people have. If you’re a loud/flirty/obnoxious drunk, keep it to a couple.

Bring a Friend

If you’re unattached, bring a fun-loving friend as a date. You’ll have a great friend around, someone to dance with, and can introduce them around and build a new network! (Oh, and bring a wedding gift, too).

Speaking of Network… Don’t

Don’t use this as a job opportunity. If someone else brings it up, slip them a business card and connect later on. Even make a date to make it a sure thing. But leave the business at the door. You’re there to have fun and celebrate the union of the newly wed couple.

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