8 ways to save on your wedding in Victoria

Looking to save some bridal bucks? There are lots of shortcuts that can result in substantial savings when it comes to wedding. You don’t have to be a budget-conscious bride to love the money you’ll save.

Dream weddings are definitely doable without draining the bank account. Just keep in mind that prioritizing is the key: what major aspects of your special day need to be done the way you want, and what ones can use a little penny pinching?

Here are our top eight ways to save on your wedding, while sacrificing nothing at all.


Although it can be a little cumbersome, making you own invitations will equal hundreds of dollars saved. Ordering custom invitations from a professional stationery company can definitely be hard on the bank. Instead, do a little do-it-yourselfing. Purchase your own card stock from a craft shop or wedding supply store. Use a good-quality laser printer to print them at home. With the custom design and colors you choose, you might as well take it a step further by designing and printing your own wedding programs, save-the-date announcements, and custom wedding favours. A thousand more dollars or so saved right there.


Churches and halls charge astronomical prices, and you can already save a little money by having the ceremony and celebration all in one location. If a church isn’t your priority, see if reception halls have anywhere that you can host the I-do’s. What about a small venue, courtyard, or beautiful garden in the Victoria area? Your guests will also appreciate not having to go to a different location, and it saves you time and money.


Let’s be honest: most of your guests don’t care if you set up a barbecue buffet over a six course dinner. What’s more, most reception halls have premium prices. Instead, just down a venue that allows you to bring in your own catering service. This lets you be able to shop around and find the best prices, as well as have a hundred percent control over what you’ll be serving. In addition, you can choose a reception hall based on using it for space, without having to worry about if the food flows as well.


Similarly to food, seek out a venue that lets you bring in your own booze. You might have to pay a surcharge, but it will still cost a lot less.

Make the Favours

Another let’s be honest: how many guests really love that wedding favor? Unless it is something edible, these small trinkets can kill the bank and, probably, are underappreciated. You can make frames, or non-perishable materials months before the day to save yourself some time, or we recommend the delicious route: making your own truffles.


Similarly, centerpieces need not be too fancy. For a cheaper option, simply make them yourself from seasonal items. Have some gourds at a fall wedding, or ask young nieces and nephews to carve out some pumpkins. For a winter wedding, use silver and gold bulbs. For spring and summer, try fruit baskets instead of flowers.

Fake the Cake

Wedding cakes can be extremely extravagant, and simple cakes doesn’t mean that it is going to be cheaper. Save money by having just one or two tiers of your cake, then use a fake cake for the rest. Have another sheet cake in the back for guests, and when they serve it, they won’t have any idea there was foam and cardboard under there.

The Music

Live music is definitely a great option, and we don’t recommend cutting this from the ceremony. Ask the group (such as a string quartet) or musician (such as the harpist), to stick around a little while during the beginning when drinks are starting to get poured and people are mingling, but then send them on their way. Bring on the DJ during dinner. Most people will be focused on conversation and food, and then be ready to dance the night away.

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