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We’ve captured loads of magical moments of weddings and engagements in and around the Vancouver and Victoria, British Columbia areas.

2011 was a spectacular year, reaching couples of all kinds documenting every moment of their dreams.

Our mission is to tell the story of one of the most memorable experiences of your life in a series of great photographs that you are guaranteed to love. We have over 20 years of combined experience in professional photography, and offer this through quality and exceptional value.

You won’t be disappointed. And here’s why:

We’ll be sure to capture traditional and not-so-traditional photographs, including those stolen kisses with your new spouse. The undeniable romance shines through.

Each photograph we take documents the moments leading up to and involved in your wedding. We offer and approach photographs with class, precision and beauty.

We never forget the fun and want to make sure that your personality shines through in every photograph. Our use of colors and shading ups the ante each time we capture a memory.

We’ll go to where you want to be, whether it is your grandmother’s backyard, a luxurious spa, or right beside the ocean. We’ll also give you suggestions to places that we know are the best around the Victoria and Vancouver areas.

Your love will be at the forefront of every photograph, with your story so private, yet so clear.

We’ll be there for each moment, whether the bride is getting dressed with her bridesmaids, the father of the bride is shedding a tear, the florist is perfecting a bouquet, or a shining tradition needs to be captured. Our team is somehow everywhere at once, with no stone left unturned.

Taking photographs the way you want them is key to us: we want our customer to be pleased. In addition, we take our expertise and bring you suggestions and ideas to make the most out of our time with you. We’re patient and excited about ideas, and truly love what we do.

Moments won’t be forgotten as we gather each moment and memory and create a timeline of your magical day.

Seeking out quality locations is key to us, as we find that perfect balance of beauty, art, and fun. Our unique approach and knowledge brings us above the rest, all of which is found inside your photography package after the event.

Our Facebook page is loaded with photographs, highlighting some of the best of this past year. We’re convinced our beautiful locations bring you the best of the best; it’s impossible not to fall in love with Victoria and Vancouver.

Victoria’s mild climate, bright sunny skies, and gorgeous foliage and flowers year-round makes it an ideal choice, especially for tourists. Nestled on the south side of Vancouver Island, it is surrounded by the ocean and laden with parks, rocky sea-sides, and hills of evergreens, the breathtaking scenery makes it a perfect choice for destination weddings.

Vancouver’s natural beauty that is hard to surpass, against a simple backdrop of nature-inspired scenery. As the largest city in BC, it’s diversity and spectacular scenery cannot be surpassed. Surrounded by water, nestled upon mountains, and dotted with celebrated architecture, the mild climate and haught design makes it a popular, and obvious, choice.

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