Bridal Beauty: FAQ

When you’re getting beautified for your big day, you want everything exactly the way that you want it. And why wouldn’t you, right? Here are the most frequently asked questions to wedding bridal beauty with easy answers to make your day the way it should be.

How can I keep my nails looking great?

Nails can be difficult to keep looking as spectacular as they are at the salon, especially with so much running around and busy errands you’ll undoubtedly be doing at the last minute.

When getting your professionally-done wedding manicure, take a friend with you. They can help you with taking the cash or card from your wallet (a nail destroyer!), opening doors, and even driving you home before they are completely dry. Although they let you sit and dry them for awhile, having at least an hour of nail-drying is ideal.

Try to get your manicure as close to the day as possible.

What should I save for the morning of?

If time and money allow, then opt for a massage in the morning. This will give you some time to relax before you start getting ready. Follow that with a calming bath (or shower), then have something to eat. Opt for a meal with protein, healthy fats, and fibre to keep you satisfied and your metabolism fired up.

Have your hair and make-up done next, then about two hours before, start dressing and do last minute finishing touches.

And relax!

How can I make my lipstick last?

You may be cheek smooching with a lot of folks at your wedding, so you can take a few extra steps to make sure it lasts longer than a couple hours. Your makeup artist will probably take this into consideration, but you may want to keep this in mind if you’re doing your own or need to reapply. Before applying the lip colour, smooth a little foundation over your lips. Next, outline them with a lip liner, then fill them in with the same liner. With a lip brush, apply a single coat of colour. Blot with a tissue, then repeat.

What should my groom know?

A good haircut and a clean shave are key, but to avoid knicks and errors, suggest he get a professional shave done the day before. Buying him a gift certificate is a nice gesture–in fact, his groomsmen would love it, too.

How can I combat oily or sweaty skin?

Ah, yes. The dreaded shine. A compact of powder will do the trick, but blotting papers are amazing. They absorb oil and moisture on your face (and body), and keep the shine at bay. Great for looking good in person, but also in your photographs.


Where do I begin for makeup?

If you opt to do your own, and don’t have the budget to pay for a professional, check out a local department store. Their cosmetic counters are more than happy to do (often free) makeovers and show you application techniques so you can do it on your own.

How can I make my hair last?

Bring along a small, trial-sized container of hair spray with you for easy touchups. It’ll keep your wedding hair in place and you don’t have to worry about ruining your perfect ‘do.

What do I need to know for black and white photography?

There isn’t much difference except, perhaps, in your makeup. Soft colours that brides usually opt for can be lost in black and white photos. You may want to swap your make up for this–even just a darker lipstick is preferred over anything else.

How do I cover my tattoo?

If your tattoo isn’t something you want to showcase (think: a teenage mistake), then there are many products that can help you with a temporary fix. Your local tattoo parlour will have some on hand, along with a drug store. Test it out a few weeks before to ensure you are reaction-free… and that it doesn’t just look like a smudge of foundation over your colourful body art.

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