Eco-friendly wedding photographer ideas

Opting for an eco-friendly wedding is great way to start your lives together. By opting for sustainable options, you can save yourself some time and money, while protecting the planet.


The best solution is the e-vite, but try to steer clear of the mass email (that’s still a little tacky). Minimally, design a .pdf to your guests, instead of a simple email. If you want to send the paper versions, be sure to make it is printed on recycled paper with plant based inks. You can now even purchase plantable paper, which is recycled paper mixed with flower seeds.


If you already live together, chances are, you might not need many gifts. If cash isn’t a necessity, add the option for guests to donate to a favorite charity in lieu of buying gifts for the wedding or for the showers. However, if you do want to go the route of gifts (and let’s be honest, most of us do), some places online will donate a portion to charities, or choose eco-friendly and sustainable products.

Center Pieces

When searching for things to use as a centre piece, gather a mixture of vases, jars, tins, and other similar items, then decorate them with reusable objects, or go for a walk on the beach and collect some sands, shells, and stones. If you want to add a candle, opt for soy and honeycomb candles, which burn much cleaner.



Creative favor idea? Instead of something the guests might just toss, consider giving plant, fruit, vegetable, or flower seeds in small, reusable, unique containers. Try our homemade truffles or other easy recipes that everyone will love. Even better, use natural, organic ingredients, and make them yourself.

The Rings

We already know how important the wedding rings are; after all, they are a major symbol of your love for one another. If you have an eco frame of mind, they also represent your own personal values. You can seek out rings that are manufactured from recycled precious metals, with equally helpful gemstones.

Send – Off

When it comes time for the send off, disregard the common options of confetti, bubbles, rice, or seeds. Instead, use fabric scraps in many different colors, and create ribbon wands for the moment.

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Save on flowers by getting wed amongst beautiful natural foliage. If you’re having an outdoor wedding, choose one with a venue in bloom. If you do want to use your own, look for potted primroses and African violets which can be easily replanted in gardens or in window boxes.


Choose a destination that is the best option for ease of travel. The further they travel, the more of a footprint they leave. In fact, keep everything local if you can. Remember, anything that gets shipped in for your wedding adds to the energy used and takes a toll on the environment. This isn’t just the guests, but also the decor, the flowers, your attire, food, catering, cake, booze, and more. Take advantage of local companies.

Wedding Dress

Second hand dresses can be a great choice, but many designers are also branching out to eco-friendly fabrics. such as bamboo and hemp. Vintage dresses are shabby chic and quite popular, as well.


There are so many options for using recycled or biodegradable dinnerware that look wedding-worthy, too. Seek out elegant plates and flatware made from bamboo, corn, soy or recycled plastic, or use recyclable plastic dishes. Save water by nixing the china, but if it’s essential to you, it’s better than tossing anything.


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