Fall Wedding Photo Ideas

Fall is a beautiful season to have a wedding. The cooler weather, the changing leaves, the harvest-inspired menus… It it a time of year that is perfect for older guests and those traveling from afar to attend, too. A spur of the moment fall wedding can be in the cards. Planning for a wedding for the next couple months doesn’t have to be daunting at all. Just find the right venue, send out the invitations sooner than later, and do a little legwork in the next couple of weeks to have the wedding of your dreams.

Here are some ideas to help you get started on your autumn-inspired big day.

The Location

Outdoor weddings at this time of year are perfect. The weather is still warm enough to be enjoyable, alongside the characteristic smells and colors of the season. It’s also good for guests who have trouble in a lot of heat, such as the elderly, infants, or those who may have disease-related weakened immune systems.

If you live near a rural area, look for inns, barns, orchards and vineyards, anything that shows off the fall foliage. Many wineries boast wonderful packages for weddings, and you can snag a spot for the ceremony and reception in one location.

The D├ęcor

Say goodbye to the brights of summer; the tone for falls are filled with reds, oranges, browns, greens and yellows. Chocolate brown is largely popular this year, often paired with pale pinks, blues, or yellows to deliver a modern twist. Take advantage of fall-inspired decorations, such as corn stalks, gourds and pumpkins, and shimmery, rich fabrics in the same color scheme.

The Flowers

Find candles, cornucopias filled with gourds, and pumpkins for centre pieces, doing away with traditional flower-inspired ones. Roses, daisies, fall leaves and dried Indian corn make for great decor, too–often quite inexpensive and easy to access this time of year. Visit local markets, too; some farmers may have a bounty that they might just want to sell you at a discount to help clear them out.

The Favors

If your wedding comes before Hallowe’en, consider adding a fun touch with a bag filled with snack-sized Hallowe’en treats. Add to it a little elegance, in the form of harvest-inspired candles, DIY chai tea mix, or even a few “adult” treats among the mini candy bars and bags of candy (mini bottles of whiskey, anyone?)

The Wardrobe

Brides look best in creams and off-whites at this time of year. Gold accents make for a nice touch among the jewel-tones that adorn the decor and, perhaps, wedding party.

For the bridesmaids, look for rich oranges, dark chocolate browns, or deep purples, or play with light pastels (such as pinks or blues) against a deep backdrop. Whichever color(s) you choose, match them to the groomsmen’s vests, looking for rich fabrics such as velvet or even corduroy.

Because the weather can be unpredictable, have matching wraps or scarves on hand for the women, especially if the venue is outdoors.

The Menu

Nothing says autumn like a roasted turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Keep it homestyle with a classic menu or opt for an elegant version of the classic dishes. Think roasted quail or duck, a creamy pumpkin soup, fresh cranberry salad, brioche stuffing, and a potato-vegetable terrine. Stuff eggplant with squash, wild rice, morel mushrooms and grilled polenta croutons for vegetarians and vegans. Serve warm apple cider, mulled cranberry tea, and cinnamon hot cocoa alongside the traditional drinks and spirits. Finish the meal with a trio of desserts: pumpkin pie, apple crisp and a scoop of fresh ginger ice cream.

The Cake

Instead of opting for the traditional wedding cake, try something autumn-inspired instead. A spiced cake, filled with ginger, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg would be a twist from the classic vanilla or chocolate, and the special addition would add that final atmospheric touch to your fall theme. You could also take it in a different direction, with a pumpkin cake topped with a thick, cream cheese icing.

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