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Welcome to the Arbutus Free Wedding Stock Photo Section. Download high-quality, large stock wedding photography, all for free under the creative commons 3.0 We do appreciate a link back to Arbutus.These photographs are available free under the Creative Commons to use as you would like.

Hi there, you should check out this amazing selection of some of the best wedding stock photos here.

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We will be uploading more free stock wedding photos in the coming months. Our stock wedding photographs are available for you to use for your personal needs. We offer high quality images obtained from capturing that perfect moment, delivering that essential personality, and freezing a memory in time. We understand the importance of wedding photography and doing it the right way, both for our clients, as well as the general public through our stock photography.

Wedding photography is an important element of your wedding that can help make your big day–and your memories–into something spectacular.


A good wedding photographer should, of course, have the right experience, and hiring professionals will make that happen. Coming with this experience is knowing the ins and outs of using high-end, modern equipment, and have a full and deep understanding of the art of photography–it is so much more than just capturing snapshots of your day. They know the correct exposure, framing, and details to make it a seamless process and to deliver the results more efficiently.

Photographers should have an online portfolio, one that you can explore and use to help make decisions if they are the right choice. They’ll offer you a customized package to meet your needs, and you’ll be well on your way to crossing off another to-do on that growing list of wedding wedding needs.


These needs, of course, greatly vary on what you are looking for. Most photographers will spend any time needed with your at your wedding. You might just want some photos before and during the ceremony, you might want them to stay all night at a reception, and you might be looking for some pre-wedding, engagement photos, too. This amount will vary up to you, and most companies — Arbutus Wedding Photography included — are flexible, working with different ranges of budgets, styles, and preferences, and always making sure your day is perfect for you.

There are other bonuses, too, with going with a professional photographer. Digital Negatives, for example, can be stored on a DVD or CD in high quality.jpg photos for easy processing, and you should receive a copy of all your digital negatives on DVD or CD. At Arbutus Wedding Photography, we  always gives the negatives to you so you can print your own prints very easily, without having to contact us to order more down the road. We also provide all of our customers a customized and private online viewing gallery with all of your photos, not only making it easy to leaf through the (likely) 500+ photos, but it allows for easy access for family and friends to view the gallery and choose images they would love, as well.

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Just remember: it does take some time for the photographer to take high-quality shots, and you’ll be happier in the long term to not rush the process. Be sure to allow for ample time for photography, which will give you the best results. The goal of taking professional photographs is to capture the image to portray the highest form of personality. Paying close attention to detail and care, a good photographer will take the time to get to know and observe the guests throughout the event, marking those specific and special moments that will be portrayed and captured in a photograph that will last a lifetime.

Of course, having it in the perfect setting doesn’t hurt, too, and Victoria is the perfect location. Victoria is located alongside the southern area of Vancouver Island and its beauty is boasted from being surrounded by the sea on all three sides. It is popular for   destination weddings and wedding photography due to the beauty of oceanfront parks, rocky sea-sides, and hills of evergreens and the breathtaking scenery. There are so many locations in Victoria that make it a prime location: Beacon Hill Park is home to the world’s tallest, free-standing totem pole carved from a single log, and reaping the benefits of being a gorgeous habitat for a variety of birds and wildlife; Butchart Gardens, a garden that is over one hundred years old, contains a wide variety of colourful plants and natural life making a perfect setting; Fisgard Lighthouse is the first lighthouse on Canada’s west coast still in operation. This, of course, is just the beginning. Explore our photography blog for more suggestions on photography locations in Victoria and the surrounding area.


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