Free Wedding Website Templates

Welcome to the Arbutus Free Wedding Website Template Downloads Page.  We are launching a new series on CSS and XHTML Valid wedding web templates in the next few months. In the mean time you can download our very popular and free Arbutus Wedding Design Template.


Coming up in the next few months, we will have a free bride and groom wedding website template available, as well as a professional photographer free website template.

We hope you enjoy, the templates are free to use as you like, we do ask that you keep a link back to Arbutus if you can to help us provide more templates in the future.

In addition to our free wedding website templates, we also encourage you to create sites that are useful. The use of mobile web has increased to the point that it is surpassing original web sources. It does include a little more of a complexity, so developers have to be able to accommodate for these changes.

This is also known as cross-platform development, which is supporting different platforms and different browsers on them. The mobile web introduces issues such as bandwidth, a reduced screen size, cross-platform compatibility problems, among others. When producing websites geared toward a wedding market, you want to be sure that potential clientele will be able to access your sources through any sort of platform.

In order to implement mobile support to a website, developers need to include a special stylesheet to adjust the CSS for mobile devices. This can be done using the user agent string with a server-side language such as PHP, which can automatically detect the mobile device is being used, and changes accordingly.Another approach is detecting the mobile device on the client side, which reaches a large market of mobile web users.

The goals of creating mobile web and stylesheets to to change the layout to fit a smaller display. This basically means to create single columns and a tighter layout. Stylists also need to reduce the bandwidth to help with slower mobile networks, which can easily be done by replacing any large background images. Though this can seem as though it may be difficult to showcase everything on a wedding photography site, it actually improves accessibility and ease for users, making them more apt to continue viewing and exploring on larger platforms for later use.

Consider also replacing large buttons or navigation with plain-text, and improve the readability by increasing small and medium-sized text to a larger size. Buttons and clickable areas should also be larger so they are easier to navigate on the small screen. Floating and mouseover buttons should be omitted; they often don’t work on the small screen. It is important to be aware of these features so you can highlight what it important on the site, without errors becoming a part of the mix.


In addition to mobile stylesheets, developers can also add other perks. One common addition is making phone numbers clickable. Another is changing the style sheet for vertical or horizontal device orientation, so there are different uses at each way the user holds their mobile device. Bear in mind drawbacks, too, such as no flash on the Apple products and small cache files.

It is important to remember that, when building your site, to be sure to implement the correct CSS capabilities for optimal results on a mobile web. This will reach a larger audience and increase usability and interest, and, consequently, bring more clients forward to your wedding services.

Free Wedding Website Templates

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