Getting remarried in style

A second wedding seems to have its rules, often corresponding with a bevy of opinions from others on what is the “right” thing to do. But really, you should plan your second wedding for you, not try to weed through the other opinions on what to do. Here are our top tips for helping your second wedding run smoothly.

The Dress

Surely you’ve heard it by now: don’t wear white on your second wedding. The good news is that this old rule is old school. Wear whatever you want!

Most brides in this case have already had the big white dress, so this is the perfect time to express a little more of you.

Consider opting for a designer dress over a wedding dress; one that you’ve been coveting but couldn’t convince yourself to buy. Chances are, it’s still a lot cheaper than a wedding dress.

To keep it simpler, go for a light, off-white sheath dress, or a simple, but feminine, suit. Let this be a time for your own sense of style to come through, instead of creating that princess dream.

Involving the Family

If you have children and ex-spouses from the previous marriage, they are the people to tell first. You may want to have the children be a part of the second wedding. Depending on their age, younger kids might be best to be ring bearers, flower girls. Teens might make good junior bridesmaids and groomsmen. You may even want them to be the best man or maid of honor. Some might feel comfortable enough to do a reading in the ceremony.

Another common theme is having children join you for a united family vow after your own personal vows, or asking the officiant to bless them and declare you all as a single unit and one family.

If the children are an especially important part of the process, you may also want to include their names on the wedding invitations. Often parents’ names are given, but in this case, you can include the kids instead.

The Cost

For a second wedding, the bride and groom typically split the cost between them. Unlike the general rule where the bride’s parents cover the cost, the second wedding should be covered by the couple themselves. Read more ways how to save on you wedding.

What to Register For

The general rule of thumb for a second wedding is that gifts are not mandatory. This is because, traditionally, wedding gifts are designed to help the couple start their first lives together. Second weddings are usually a union between two people who have already done so.

If you do register, go for lower priced options that are representative of your new life together. While in your first wedding you needed china and towels, perhaps now you can opt for some camping gear, or donate to a cause.

Bridal Showers

Just like registering for girls, bridal showers are not as common place for the second time around wedding. Most family and friends, however, tend to want to through one anyway! If that is the case, go for fun over formal.

The Location

Keep it simple. Your venue shouldn’t cost you a lot, and your guests will appreciate where ever you might end up. Getting married in Victoria, BC always makes for a beautiful, memorable option, with its beautiful atmosphere and wonderful weather year-round.

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