Google makes wedding planning easy

Planning a wedding can be hectic, but capturing every moment and keeping it all in order is a priority as we get closer to our wedding day. For many couples, our wedding is the moment that we have to celebrate with our friends, families, and the others that we love.

The wedding itself is a jumble of events, all in one. Bridal parties, showers, taste testing, the ceremony and the reception – and often, this is just a portion of it. From tracking guest lists, to choose music, flowers, and caterers, to maintaining essential details, it can definitely be a lot of work.

For most of us, a wedding planner isn’t financially feasible, so when we heard about a virtual variation, we wanted to share it with you.

Like for most things in life, Google has the answer, with an addendum to their popular Docs program with over 20 wedding templates available in the Google Docs template gallery. From tracking your budget to organizing invites to keeping track of vendors, it helps keep you on top of all of the details.

Like with other Google Docs, you can easily share your documents, spreadsheets, forms and information with your anyone who is helping you out. And because you can use your smartphone to access them, you never have to worry about email attachments and updates because your data is consistently present at your fingertips.

Google has also teamed up with, a popular wedding website to offer tips and assistance in your wedding planning.

Whether you’re brainstorming What to Ask a Wedding Photographer, saving recipes for favours (like truffles!), planning your trip around the Vancouver area, or looking for Local Companies in Victoria, it can help keep track of all of your wedding needs!

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