Having a winter wedding? Read this.

So you’re planning your big day for the winter season, uniting yourselves among the chilly weather, joyous holidays, and freshly fallen snow. Here are our top tips for winter weddings, from colours, to flowers, to everything in between.


Don’t go the holiday route with reds and greens, but stay festive with silver, white and gold. If you love the Christmas colours, choose one of them–for accents, only.


There are a lot of winter blooms… You don’t have to rely on the righteous rose. Opt for white hydrangeas with a little greenery, or amaryllis for a bit of tradition.


Keep it classic with a string quartet, harpist, and a pianist to round out the ceremony and dinner.


Formal invitations are the key. Use heavy cardstock with accents of your colours. Calligraphy, dried flowers, and silk lining all add that extra oomph. Even better, send an early Christmas ornament (if it’s in December) to save the date.


White hot chocolate, creamy egg nog, and warm cider–a little bit of everything for an eclectic mix.


Don’t think that long sleeves are a must. Strapless gowns are elegant and gorgeous… and the right shawl or cover will bring it to the next level. Whatever you choose, be consistent between the gown and the bridesmaid dresses.


A mixture of classic homemade dark chocolate truffles and elegant white chocolate cranberry bark will surely fit the bill.


Find ribbons in your chosen colours (like red), accented with some red roses.  Or go the extra-mile and opt out of the color, using variations of whites and silvers reminiscent of the seasonal snow.

Another option? Leave it all behind and opt for a destination wedding.

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