How to preserve your wedding cake

After the wedding is done with, there is one thing that you can look forward to a year down the road: the top wedding cake tier. Here’s how to keep it intact to enjoy on your one year anniversary!

First, you need to know the details of if your cake can last as long as you want it to. Some cakes freeze better than others… and some end up a dried out mess. Chocolate, carrot, and nut-based cakes tend to freeze the best. White cakes and cakes with fresh fruit and whipped cream fillings tend to not freeze as well. If you have one of the latter, consider ordering a second, fresh cake tier at the one-year mark, and forgetting about the authenticity of the tradition.

Store your cake in a freezer that you don’t open as often. For example, if you have a couple of refrigerators, store it in the freezer of the fridge you use less (such as the one in the basement or in the garage). The more often you expose the cake, the less fresh it will be.

Regardless of the cake you use, wrapping it properly is the biggest key to success.

When you are discussing the details with the catering staff before the wedding, tell them to take the top tier off of the wedding cake and box it suitably for transport. Then, ask someone reliable (mom, for example), to take it home so you don’t have to worry about it.

Tell mom to carefully remove the sugar flowers, then to chill it well before wrapping it up. This won’t dry it out if it’s just for a couple of hours, but it will harden the icing so it won’t smudge or stick to the plastic after the fact.

Once the cake is chilled with hardened icing, wrap it in plastic wrap. Use several layers to reduce chances of freezer burn. Then, seal it in an air-tight bag (such as an oversized Ziploc), and place it in the freezer.

One year later, let it come to room temperature a dig in!

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