Last minute weddings in Victoria and Vancouver, BC

Whether it is a spur of the moment engagement, a last minute wedding on the fly, or you’re just not into planning, here are some tips for planning a last minute wedding in Victoria and Vancouver, BC.

Get Organized

Suddenly, you’ll find yourself overcome with plenty to do. And trust us, it’s more than what you can just simply memorize in your head. Start creating to-do lists and checklists, including using timelines, with all the details that you need to fit your perfect day. There also many options for online wedding planners, such as the wedding planning from Google that is now available.


Set your priorities and deal with the essentials needed first. Look for your venue and make sure that the must-have folks at your wedding (parents, siblings, best friends, et cetera) are available that day.

Set Some Limits

Chances are, those who are planning a last minute wedding tend not to have the wedding “bug”. In this case, make it a little easier on yourself and limit the guest list. This allows for more options for reception locations, planning for out-of-town guests doesn’t require as much detail, and it will help shave off some of the cost since you haven’t budgeted for it.

Get on the phone

Make as many connections and phonecalls as you can. Since you are planning a last minute jaunt, you want to be sure that you are covering all of your bases. Ask friends and families for recommendations, call companies and see who they recommend, too. If you book a caterer, ask them for bartender contacts. If you’ve found your florist, ask about table runners. If you hunted down a wedding venue, ask for reception recommendations. Odds are that they know everyone else in the business. And don’t forget to scour the list of Victoria-based wedding sources.

Be Flexible

It’s important to realize that in this type of situation, flexibility is the key. Be willing to make adjustments, even if they aren’t preferred, to get what is needed done. This might require a Friday wedding, a morning brunch instead of dinner, and friends and family not able to attend. There are plenty of places to get married locally, and here are four of our favourite Victoria, BC wedding locations.

Consider Eloping

Instead of dealing with the wedding in general, consider eloping as an option. It doesn’t have to be done Vegas-style; instead, make a couple of detailed plans, a few more calls, invite a few family or friend members if you want, and get hitched in a matter of minutes. It’s not too hard to choose a destination wedding, and takes usually last minute packages are still available.

Ask for Deals

If a company has last minute cancellations, they would rather fill the space than leave themselves without work. Many businesses, such as our photography company, are more than willing to work out packages and plans to exactly suit your needs.

Do Some Budgeting

Just like in any wedding, you’ll also want to make sure that your budget is where you need it to be. Because in this situation you won’t be saving over a long period of time, you’ll want to look at what funds you currently have and still be able to afford everything you’re currently affording. Take a few moments to jot down some numbers to make sure that everything will work out the way you need it to.

Casual Is Better

Especially if the weather is warm, having a casual theme makes it a lot easier for yourself and your guests. Think of it as a celebration party instead of a formal affair, and keep creativity as the key. Instead of a church venue, ask a friend or family member to use their backyard. Tell them the dress will be summer simplicity, where they can probably pick something that they already own in their wardrobe. Go for a BBQ and buffet style for the dinner. And if it is small enough, make it a potluck!

Stay Focused

Remember what’s important in this situation: you’re getting married to the person that you love! Keep it simple and maintain love at the forefront of your big day.

Use Your Connections

If you’re opting for the small wedding (IE less than 30), ask family and friends about pitching in with the skills they already have. If your mom-in-law to be is an awesome cook (and she loves doing it), ask if she’d consider doing a course for the meal. Have a brother who is into bartending? Ask him to man the booze. Great seamstress neighbour? Consider her for some alterations to spruce up some mall finds into bridesmaid dresses. Don’t be afraid to ask–instead, lose the idea of a registry, invite them to your wedding, and tell them it would be the greatest gift of all (other than their presence.)

Save Some Trees

Yes, yes, we know it isn’t “right” to just send invites via the Internet, but depending on the type of affair, this can be done with some level of class (and save cash on your wedding, too). Alternatively, head over to your local printer and copy a photo with just the necessary info on it: date, time, place, rsvp. Put it on the back of a photo of you and your spouse-to-be, send it in the mail, and make some follow-up calls. If the wedding is large, however, we recommend going the old fashioned route.

Keep it Simple

You know the saying KISS? Well, it goes hand-in-hand with a last minute wedding. Focus on the big picture, which is, of course, your big day. People will remember the moments, maybe the dress, probably the food, and most of all, the fun. Use those as your guide instead of the tiny details that no one really seems to care about. After all, will it really matter if your hair was pinned up or down? Or if you had mis-matched candles on the tables? The answer, of course, is no.

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