Learn to dance in the Victoria area

Looking for some hot new moves before the big day? These dance instructors are among the best in the Victoria area for your wedding, ready to give you the lessons you need to really shine on the dance floor.

Wanda Kivitt Ballroom Dance


Wanda helps individuals and couples of all ages to learn to dance and improve dancing skills through fun-filled dance classes and lessons. Learn ballroom dances such as waltz, tango, foxtrot, quickstep, and the viennese waltz. Or get a little saucy with latin and rhythm dances such as the jive, cha cha, rumba, samba, swing, mambo, and merengue.

Victoria Ballroom Dance Society


Victoria Ballroom Dance Society is a not-for-profit group registered under the Society Act of British Columbia, Canada. The mission of the society  is to promote ballroom dancing in all it has to offer: recreation, social, performance, and competition. They offer classes and workshops, practice sessions, and dances and competitions.

McGregor Dance Studio


The McGregor Dance Studio boasts a staff with a load of experience, including performances and instruction on cruiseships. They bring forward ballroom dancing as a social activity with artistic expression. They belong to the Canadian Dance Teacher’s Association, and are very knowledgeable in both American and International styles of ballroom dance. Classes and lessons are available, as well as private lessons. In particular, they do a great deal of wedding choreography to help couples prepare for the first dance.

Vancouver Academy of Ballroom Dance


The team at the Vancouver Academy of Ballroom Dance has a vision to provide a high quality and comprehensive training  in ballroom dance instruction, as well as to create a community where students can grow.

The Grand Ballroom


The Grand Ballroom group classes, designed and taught by Andy & Wendy Wong, is the most successful teaching system in Canada. Since 1994, the duo have taught more than 8200 classes. They offer a first dance wedding package, which includes two packages of private lessons to teach you how to excel at the first dance. You will learn at your own pace and your lessons will be tailored to your specific First Dance requirements. You will not only learn how to dance, but also how to walk on to the dance floor and end your First Dance elegantly.

Night and Day Dance


Night and Day Dance focuses on movement, by way of partner dancing. They teach blues, swing, social ballroom and wedding dancing, along with other creative dance showcases. They offer a number of approaches to help couples prepare for their first dance together, from the basics of partner dancing to fully choreographed routines. Some last-minute options are also available.

Just Wanna Dance!


A popular dance lesson studio in Vancouver, Just Wanna Dance! focuses on quality instruction to all ages and levels. For weddings, they understand the importance – and nerves! – that goes into the first dance. They are here to help, whether you just want to learn to dance or learn to put on a great show!

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