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Located in stunning Victoria British Columbia, Arbutus Wedding Photography offers a wide range of professional photography services.

Known to be a very open-minded and undogmatic city, Victoria is a very multi-cultural, unbiased city. Working within Vancouver, Victoria, and the surrounding area, we are a nondiscriminatory company located in a nondiscriminatory country, supporting the many gay and lesbian same sex couple Americans who join us in Victoria to get married in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere.

Most of our outdoor weddings are in public parks; we often get words of praise from passers-by. Our unique vision allows us to highlight your own uniqueness, and our relaxed atmosphere make you feel right at home with us for your wedding day!

At Arbutus, we understand the union of marriage and the importance of capturing the memories. And because of this, we offer the opportunity for everyone to experience the matrimony in a comfortable and friendly atmosphere.

If you are traveling to Victoria to get married, we offer the option to meet you at the cruise ship dock and drive you to the famous Beacon Hill Park. From there, we will take you to the location of your choice and if you’re unsure, let us know, there are countless choices nestled inside picturesque Victoria.

After your outdoor photograph are taken, we’ll chauffeur you to your hotel, offering suggestions on places to go, where to dine, things to see, and other recommendations in our area.

We’re more than just photography. We understand it’s a memory that you’ll hold forever, and so we offer a variety of packages that make it easy for you to personalize your time here.

We welcome our neighbors from the US and around the world. View our extensive wedding photography portfolio, and our recent testimonials from around the world!

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