Painting with light

While there is a time and place for flash equipment & tripods, we love photography that creates art from available light rather than carrying around tons of equipment and lights to try to re-create light we need.

This allows us to be nimble, reactive & flowing, making for a much more engaging and fun experience. Just the right equipment, a ton of experience and we create beautiful photographs that are bathed in natural light.

Painting with light. It’s a defining feature of our photographs here at Arbutus.

Painting with Light101

Group shots taken with the beautiful scenery of Victoria, British Columbia as a natural backdrop. It’s easy to find the perfect landscape for your wedding photography with the mountains and vast plains as a mainstay on the West Coast.

The ample amount of nature that surrounds even the most urban of areas makes both daylight and moonlight shine, illuminating and highlighting the best features possible for every shot.

Painting with Light119

The adaptive nature of black and white photography gives options among the plenty of variations of final photographs that are available for your wedding, engagement, reception, and other photos. Adding depth, mystery, and a bit of romance, the Victoria heritage is an ideal backdrop when it comes to producing magazine-worthy photos.

Spring weddings are a popular option in Victoria, with warm sunny days, and cooler evenings. Photographs and weddings are frequently done outdoors in the afternoons, while the reception is held indoors, getting the best of both types of venues with plenty of options for unique photo shots.

If you want to learn a few steps before the big day, there are many dance instructors in the Victoria area for your wedding, all ready to help you and your spouse-to-be shine on the dance floor. From ballroom to classic to everything in between, there is an option for everyone.

Painting with Light112

Love feels no burden, thinks nothing of trouble, attempts what is above its strength, pleads no excuse of impossibility. It is therefore able to undertake all things, and it completes many things, and warrants them to take effect, where he who does not love would faint and lie down.”  – Thomas à Kempis

Painting with Light113

The dress of your dreams might not be at the best boutique. In the Victoria area, there are plenty of consignment shops and local thrift shops, where you might find something perfect as-is, or can slightly alter for a completely personalized style. The dress of your dreams will be, then, one hundred percent original.

Painting with Light109

If you’re looking to get married in a truly unique location, consider the Sleeping Dog Farm and Retreat Centre, a rurally located retreat situated on five mountain and valley acres, with organic gardens and a popular wedding Sanctuary. The Sanctuary is an acoustically-designed, 1100 square ft round building able to accommodate up to 80 guests. They also have a Secret Garden, catering capacity, and accommodations for you and your guests.

Painting with Light110

Romantic songs should always be included in every playlist, and you’ll never go wrong by choosing classics from Frank Sinatra and other Rat Pack tunes, sifted among a couple contemporary choices, too. Choose songs dedicated to your attendees, such as your grandparents’ wedding song, your spunky teen nephew, and your hilarious uncle. Toss in a few kids’ favourites, too.

Painting with Light108

Churches and halls might be out of the budget for some, and many opt to have the ceremony and celebration all in one location, including the oceanfront, a courtyard, or beautiful garden in the Victoria area. In the summertime, prepare for the hot afternoons along with the cool, pleasant evenings.

Painting with Light106

If you’ve never been to Victoria, BC, or even the West Coast, now is a perfect time. Though destination weddings are often reserved for hot climates and all-inclusive resorts, why not travel out to the coast? Choosing Victoria for  a destination wedding, reception, and honeymoon all rolled into one makes for a great celebration for you and your guests.

Painting with Light105

What was the moment you fell in love? Do you remember the moment in time? Was it gradual? Was it always? Use these thoughts, and more, when you plan on writing your own wedding vows. Brainstorming and starting might take a few moments, but once you’re there, you’ll be able to fill in all of the details.

Painting with Light103

If a winery for the wedding or reception or more your beat, consider visiting The Okanagan Wine Route. The route makes its way through the Thompson Okanagan Valley, the oldest wine region in BC. There is plenty to choose from, serving over 100 wineries, you’ll find something for everyone’s taste and budget.

Painting with Light102

In the fall, choose a location and decor that dismisses the brights of summer, and instead, pays homage to fall tones filled with reds, oranges, browns, greens and yellows. Chocolate brown is beautiful paired with pale pinks, blues, or yellows, with wedding decor eschewing the vibrant whites and using rich creams and silky ivories instead.

Painting with Light100

There are plenty of options available to capture these photos, including the many islands that surround the capital city.

Painting with Light104

Ocean-front shots are unforgettable, and Victoria is surrounded by the sea on three sides. Whether you’re full of fun or keen on romantic flair, dancing in the waves allows for spontaneous moments forever on film.

Painting with Light107

Though Victoria boasts an abundance sunshine and a mild climate, an indoor wedding may be your preference. Some of the best hotels in the area of so amenity-rich, all your planning and services will be taken care of. The Swans Hotel, for example, can accommodate everything from elegant to casual weddings, complete with catering and working with local limo services, hair and makeup, DJ and music, and other services.

Painting with Light111

Many of the best places to get married in Victoria, BC, offer packages that will suit you and your spouse-to-be. Whether you need to fit 5,000 guests or 30, the wide variety of inns and hotels, resorts, outdoor venues, gardens, museums, and churches give you plenty of options. Ask about ways they can customize it to truly create something perfect for your coupledom.

Gardens and outdoor locations, such as Beacon Hill Park, are a popular choice for weddings, engagement celebrations, receptions, and more. Filled with birds and wildlife, band pavilion, monuments, and more, the large acreage allows for many options to find the area as unique as you are. Butchart Gardens is another option, with its pristine landscaping and National Historic Site of Canada label.

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