Post-Wedding Brunch

There is a lot of anticipation (and work!) as your big day approaches. But once it is over, you’ll marvel on how fast it flew by. From the initial planning stages to the final dance at the reception, the combination of excitement, stress and to-do lists makes the whole wedding seem, well, finished too quickly.

After the wedding – when you’re stress-free and starting a new life together – is the perfect time to sit down with others and spend time with friends and family that have come to visit from farther destinations.

The answer? Plan a post-wedding brunch for your close friends and family.

Who to invite?

Plan this one for those who are closest to you, most importantly, your immediate family and wedding party. The rule – as there is always one involved, is that the wedding party and immediate family should come, and numbers should be kept to a minimum. It’s also generous to invite those who traveled longer distances to come to the wedding, as a note of appreciation.

When to have it?

Unless you’re leaving right after the reception for your honeymoon, plan for the follow day in the morning (or, if you were enjoying the party a little late, afternoon).

Why have one?

Getting together for brunch is a great way to relax without having to worry about good-byes at the reception. You can also get the nitty-gritty on your wedding, for when you were too busy for taking care of everything and enjoying your first moments as a married couple.

Who should host it?

The bride and groom, or discuss it with a friend or relative earlier on. Minimally, have it near the location so for those who are visiting out of town, they are within easy walking/driving distance. A private home delivers that personal, homey-touch, or a low-key restaurant. Regardless, casual is the key.

What to eat?

All popular brunch items are easy to prepare or pick up from a local pastry shop or farmer’s market. Classic egg dishes, such as quiches and frittatas and comfort favourites, like a Belgian waffle bar. Making it a little more elegant with fruit-filled pastries and eggs Benedict. Keep it simple with freshly cut fruit, oven roasted potato hash browns… They’re all winners and the possibilities are endless. You can even add a little whimsy with a few boxes of favourite cereal (especially if there are picky children in tow), or add elegance with a sit down menu in courses.

Stay tuned to our blog for menu ideas and recipes to come!

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