Spring bride beauty tips

So the big day is coming up soon, but you’re still piecing together that final bride look. Here are our top tips for bridal beauty with the freshness of spring in mind.

Make Room for Manicures

You’ll want to keep those nails in top shape, and if you’re not aethestically nail-friendly yourself, you should try to pin down bi-weekly manicures. Your hands are now a focal point–after all, I’m sure everyone is asking to see your right, right? Pick a favourite manicurist–even if it’s a friend with awesome skills–and give a little kindness to those cuticles, hands, and nails. For those who want a little more staying power, consider shellac manicures for a smoother finish and a harder and stronger nail.


Get a Glow

Step away from the tanning beds. Instead, you can get that natural glow the healthy way by using a self-tanner or spray tan. Just make sure you start a few days before, allowing time to fix any errors and make sure that it isn’t too vibrant or dark. Be sure not to head to the tanning beds or sit out in the sun–both of which increase your risk for skin cancer, and can also cause painful burning.

Sooth Your Skin

Antioxidants are great for your skin, so be sure to include many of them in your diet if you aren’t already. They don’t have to be specialty foods, like goji berries or others, but instead, simple choices like berries (especially blueberries) and maple syrup (the real stuff) are excellent sources. You should also focus on getting plenty of sleep and lots of water and other fluids. If your skincare regime is working for you–stick with it. Don’t opt for new treatments less than a month before the big day.


Smarten Your Smile

If you’re feeling self-conscious about your teeth, you might have in mind some teeth whitening options. There are many affordable kinds, and 14-day kits from companies like Crest work really well. If you have sensitive teeth, bear in mind that they may cause your teeth to be more sensitive (or cause discomfort while you are wearing them), but if this is the case, you can use the two week kit over a course of four weeks, instead. You can also visit your dentist if you prefer a professional treatment, but be aware that the price — it will likely exceed a few hundred dollars. You can also get a bit of an extra polish by opting for a toothpaste with some whitening power, and combine it with good ol’ baking soda.

Heavenly Hair

Be sure to perfect that wedding day hair at least a month before the wedding. If you are considering a new haircut, make sure you deal with this at least a month before, so you have time for any alterations if needed. It will also give you some time to get used to the style, then have touch-ups closer to the actual day. About two weeks before, fine tune the colour and style. If you have dyed hair or highlights, you will want to make sure they look as fresh as the day you got them. If you’re going for an updo on the wedding day, wash and blowdry your hair the night before; this is because day-old hair has more grip and hold, and is better for an updo style. If you’re wearing your hair down, check with the stylist if they will want to wash and dry it, or if you’ll be doing it on your own.

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Get Silky Smooth

You’ll want to feel as sexy as possible, so go for the amount of hair removal that will bring this to you. Just be sure that whatever you choose, stick to what you are used to. If you’ve never waxed, don’t opt for your first try to be the day before without knowing what kind of reaction you might have. However, trying a wax a month or so before will allow you to know if that option is for you, and you won’t have to worry about hair growth after the wedding and during the honeymoon. Similarly, you’ll want to take care of those eyebrows, too–waxing is an option, but you can also look into threading for a smooth, clean line that will give you a couple weeks of worry-free brows.

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