Spring is in the air…

This might be a lie, depending where you’re from… especially since a huge storm blasted through much of the US and Canada yesterday. But planning a spring wedding is right on schedule, even if a little behind.

Spring weddings in Victoria and Vancouver Island areas don’t have to be all about pale pinks, fluffy decor, and dainty flowers… that’s what Easter is for.

Think outside the box to make your spring wedding incredibly you… Not incredibly overdone.

Ditch the pastels

Yes, we love the quintessential colours that Easter often brings. But let’s save them for the Easter egg decorating, shall we? Choose one of the colours and put it together with an unconventional mate such as bright orange, lime green, or deep magenta.

Flower overflow

Spring=growth=flowers… Right? Yes, flowers are going to be in season and there is going to be a load to choose from, but that doesn’t mean you have to overdo it. Try other nature-inspired themes, like a small waterfall and pond, herbs as the centrepieces, and blooming trees, such as cherry blossoms. And for the outdoors? Just do a few here and there. Don’t forget to decorate your wedding cake the same, too.

Do it at night

The wedding, of course, would make for a great evening. Having the sunset would be the perfect backdrop to your big day. If it’s still cool outside, look for a venue that overlooks the water and the setting sun.

Fight the rain

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, don’t hesitate just because rain may potentially be looming. Find a rental company with a rain policy, one that gives to a tent if needed at the last minute. You can also rent hallways and canopies in order to make sure guests are dry from place to place.

Bye bye bugs

If you’re at the lake, a beach, or at a country club, you might find there are a lot of bugs around. Keep baskets of bug repellant available and make sure of citronella torches during the ceremony. Choose flowers based on ones that don’t attract bugs, create pretty centrepieces with citronella candles.

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