Spring Weddings in Victoria: It’s all in the details

Though it’s hard to think of spring when we’re in the middle of the winter, if you’re planning a wedding, you’re running a little late! Spring weddings can be a beautiful time of year: buds on the trees, birds singing, gorgeous colors… along with rain, mud, cold evenings, and so on, and so forth.

Here are our top details of prepping for you wedding, what to do, and trouble shooting for anything you might encounter.

April Showers…

We all know the saying, but you shouldn’t shy away from April just because the weather might be a little rainy. If you plan for a wedding in the spring — no matter what month — you should plan for the possibility of rain. Outdoor weddings, especially in Vancouver and Victoria, can be wonderful, so find a rental company that has a rain policy. This type of policy will include an agreement that if there is a forecast calling for wet conditions, you will receive a tent (even if it costs extra). There there will be times when guests are walking between tents or buildings, you can also rent hallways that will provide coverage along the way. Canopies and valet parking will help keep guests dry, as well.

Muddy Conditions

Where there is rain, there is mud, so make sure that you have stain-remover (such as a stick or wipes) in your wedding stash. If your dress gets muddy, just wait until the dirt dries, and try to scrape it off (gently!). If it stays, use the stick. You can protect shoes by stepping into plastic bags and securing them at the ankle, or buy special booties designed for this. If you feel like a fool, go for some galoshes, especially if they match your decor.

To protect white wedding shoes from mud during downtime, step into plastic bags and secure them at the ankle with rubber bands (included in the kit). Or for a cute photo op, wear preppy galoshes.

The Hot, Hot Sun

Spring is known for a warm sun that breaks through to heat up the afternoon. You don’t want guests to overheat, especially those more sensitive, such as your older guests, or men in their heavier suit jackets. If its a particularly warm spring, have small cold packs available and hand our freezer favors with the programs at the beginning. If your cake is also outside, choose one that will be covered in fondant as opposed to buttercream; fondant will hold up in the heat.
You may also want to opt for a light dress (you can always have a cover, as well), and wear your hair in an up-do.

Be Prepared

Even if the warm sun heats the afternoons, as soon as it goes down the temperature really drops. Let guests know that cooler attire might be needed, especially those who are coming from out of town. If nights are breezy, protect the candle flames by using pillars in glass hurricane holders, or use battery-operated ones.

It Gets a Bit Buggy

If you’re by water, such as a lake, beach, or near a pond, there might be lots of bugs around. Keep citronella torches aflame and baskets of bug repellant available. Preplan by asking your florist what the best flowers are, ones that don’t attract a lot of insects, especially bees. Skip on the perfume – you might want to advise close friends/family the same – and use unscented hair products.

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