The art of photography – Capturing Personality

Personality is the key to successful photography, and we pride ourselves in getting the job done. It can be a challenge for photographers to encourage individuals to be themselves – but when its achieved, true portraiture is the result.

The goal of photography is to capture the portrait or image so that it exudes this personality. And although it can be a challenge, it’s hardly impossible. It just takes a combination of attention to detail and care.

We take the time to get to know our clients, and throughout the event, observe guests and surroundings to ensure photographs are taken with care. Special moments will deliver that unspeakable softness; funny moments will be highlighted with a smile, and each emotion will be delivered the exact same way it had occurred the first time.

By noticing and observing with a keen eye, we’re able to find the hidden agenda, the signature style, and the client’s personality… All in a freeze-frame moment.

Here are some of more recent favorite close journalistic style wedding photos.




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