Things to ask your wedding cake designer

When you’re looking for a wedding cake for your wedding, you want to be sure of all of the details before you settle on a choice. There’s more to sampling the cake to ensure that it will work for your big day.Here are the top key questions to ask your Victoria wedding cake designer before you make a (delicious) decision to choose them for your wedding.

Is my wedding date available?

The first thing to find out is even if your wedding date is available. They may already be booked with a wedding (or more than one wedding) for that date. Before you get into any details, be sure that they’re free to give you the most attention they can.

How long in business?

Though this doesn’t determine their talent, it is also great to know if they’ve been in the business for a long time. However, note that this might be reflected by the price. Bakers that have been in the business for a while will have more references, more experience with details (such as something going wrong the day of), and probably have more ideas in their repertoire. However, new bakers and/or businesses can definitely be just as talented and offer some new, fresh perspectives.

How many years experience does the baker have?

Just because they haven’t been a business long, doesn’t mean they might not have been baking for years. Don’t just ask how long they’ve been successful with their bakery – find out how long they’ve been in the kitchen.

Do they offer a free tasting?

All bakeries and bakers should offer a free tasting for their clients. This should include an array of flavors and designs, letting you taste and visually see what is to come. There should be no charge for this; if there is, compare it to the price and see how it is reflected.

Do they offer custom designs or set designs?

Find out if the baker does specific set designs or offers custom designs. If you are your spouse-to-be are looking for something personal that reflects the two of you, chances are you want a custom design based on that.

Do they have a hard copy or digital photo gallery? References?

We tend to eat with our eyes–not just our stomachs–and having a photo gallery is essential. Ask the baker if they have a hard copy or online/digital photo gallery of their creations. If not, ask if they can contact some previous clients.

What ingredients do they use? Flavors? Icings?

Be sure that they are able to create something to your tastes. If you love the combination of vanilla cake with lemon filling and a smooth buttercream, your baker should be able to do it. If not, move on and find someone that will.

Will there be any additional fees? Or is is just a single flat charge?

Find out of any possible hidden costs along the way. Is there just a single flat charge? Or will other things end up costing you a little more, such as custom flavors, delivery, set-up, et cetera. Sometimes cake stand rentals, toppers, and serving apparatuses cost more, too.

Will they coordinate with florist?

Talk to them about the floral accents in your wedding and see how they will incorporate it into your cake. They might make some recommendations based on that and have some additional ideas of their own.

How long in advance is it prepared?

If you want a fresh cake done around the day it is ordered for, then you want a fresh cake done around the day it is ordered for. Ask them how and when they prepare each cake, and the time it will take to complete exactly what you want.

Will they offer suggestions to maximize your cake budget?

A good baker should want to work with you, not just take your money. Explain to them your budget, and ask for ways to take it to the maximum. They should be able to provide you with a variety of proposals, each redesigned to suit your needs.

When is the deposit due? Is there a refund policy and guarantee?

Get the details of the fine print. Ask for all of the information of the deposit, the final payment, possible refunds, and if they offer any guarantees.

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