Tips for Writing a Wedding Thank-You

Between planning, booking, preparing and paying, you might not feel like you have a moment to spare. Regardless, there’s one thing that can’t go on the backburner – and that’s Thank You cards.The Wedding Thank-You card is an essential part to a wedding; forget to send them and it’ll be remembered for life. Here are five tips to writing that card to your guests, family and friends.

Write it right away

Don’t put off the card sending. In fact, the sooner you do it, the better. You’ll have it out of the way and off your mind, and your guests will appreciate your promptness.

Keep track

With so much going on, it’s easy to forget who gave you what. Have a written record of everything you receive. As soon as you receive it, take the few minutes to jot down who sent it to you. Save time and energy by setting it up on Excel. Include names, addresses, if you’ve received an RSVP for the wedding, the gift, and if you sent a card.

Split it up

Get your groom, sit down, and divvy up the work. Sending out 100 Thank You cards is far less daunting than 200.

Can the Creativity

This isn’t a time necessary to be super personal. A nice message of thanks does the job nicely, with a few more words thrown in for close friends and family. Unless your guests tend to gossip, they won’t be sharing their cards with one another. Take advantage and reuse some key phrases.

Don’t Email

This is one time where hand-written cards trump, hands down.

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