Top 7 wedding planning mistakes, Victoria BC

As you put together your list of to-dos as the big day approaches, here are the eight most common wedding planning mistakes… and how to avoid them.

Huge Wedding Party

We definitely want to include essential family or friends in the wedding party, but having too many bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as multiple masters of ceremonies, can create an exhaustive list. Couples tend to try to include everyone, but it has to be realistic. Sometimes it isn’t cost effective, and it becomes difficult to manage everyone involved. Try to keep it down to the essentials, with a size that is suitable for the size of your wedding. It will also make it easier for planning the rehearsal dinner.

Inviting Too Many Guests

There’s nothing wrong with having a large wedding — unless you can’t afford it. When you set your budget, make sure that it will cover everything that you’re planning, including the number of guests you’d like at your wedding. You don’t want to have to expand your budget later to accomodate the amount of guests that you’re having.

Constant Wedding Chatter

Yes, everyone is pleased that you’re getting married, but talking about the wedding constantly will drive those around you crazy! Consider this in your head — if it’s something that will concern everyone (say, talking about the food), go ahead and rammer on. If it’s something that no one will really care about (like the centrepieces), then leave it for talking with your mom or spouse-to-be.

You’ll Do It All

Most brides tend to think they are invincible. But, even though you just might be (!), you really shouldn’t aim to be on your wedding day. A wedding is a lot of work, and probably the biggest one you’ll ever plan, so hiring a wedding planner or coordinator is well worth it. They are trained in planning and will be able to keep you on track for the big day. If you can’t afford a planner, ask a few close friends or family members to lend a bit of an extra hand.

One Sided Planning

In general, the bridge does tend to get a little more involved than the groom. But, let’s be honest, it’s his wedding, too. Let him in on the planning and share his ideas — and if he doesn’t seem too into it, just ask him questions here and there.

Not Getting Signed Contracts

Forget verbal agreements with vendors; these are worthless. If you only have a verbal agreement, they can call you a week before the wedding and cancel for whatever reason, such as a double booking or a closure. Having a signed contract will have useful information, such as set up times, serving details, and any extra fees that might incur. Be sure to plan ahead, making sure that your wedding in Victoria or Vancouver is great. Check out all of the vendors we recommend in past blog entries.

Going Over Budget

Though it is easy to go over budget for a wedding, this is a time when there is loads of spending, and impulsive buys can really put you over the top. Think carefully about where extra money can be spent usefully, and where you save a little, too.

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