Wedding registries: our top tips

So you’re ready to register for your wedding but you’re feeling a little overwhelmed? Here are our top tips to follow before you start your scanning.

Register Early

Believe it or not, weddings are pretty popular! One of the first things you should do once you’re engaged is tackle your wedding registry. Friends and family members will want to buy wedding gifts right away, so you’ll want to remove the guesswork and make sure you get the gifts that you actually need (not six slow cookers). Don’t worry about completing it all right away, but get down the essentials as soon as possible, with a variety of price points.

Ask About Returns

Just in case you get more than one thing (especially for buyer who go off the list), ask the store about their return policies. You may also realize that you have something you can use, or change your mind after it is already purchased. Simply ask about their return and exchange timelines to be sure each is a safe scan.

Hit Different Price Points

Sure, expensive swag is great, but not all your friends and family members may be able to afford it. Choose options that are below $50 (even $30) for those who need the cheaper price points. You don’t want any of your guests feeling obliged or overwhelmed when they go over your choices.

Be a Team

You might not think that you need to do it together, but we really recommend it. Since the gifts are for both of you, you can go over the things you need, the things you want, and the things you already have. Discuss the style and colours you prefer, and make final decisions together… or at least come to a compromise.

Get What You Want

So you don’t use china or don’t drink wine? Then don’t get fancy plates and glasses if you won’t use them. If you need a vacuum, some great skillets, and a few electronics, throw those into the mix. The key is to get what you both want. Just be sure not to fill your list with things that you don’t really think you’ll ever use. Sure it’s fun to camp, but if you prefer hotels over camping, then don’t opt for a state of the art tent.

Gift Cards Are Fine, Too

If your guests inquire about anything off of the list, suggest a gift card and give a list of places. Some folks are uncomfortable giving cash, feeling it might be too impersonal, so this is a great compromise.


Register at More Than One Location

Choose at least two, perhaps three, places. One should be a large, brick and mortar store that is available in many locations, such as a department store. The other two can be online, or a smaller store that has eclectic gifts in the Victoria area.

Write Those Thank-Yous… and soon

Put away the phone and computer… wedding thank you notes should be hand-written. Within six weeks of getting the gift, write a note/card that makes reference to the specific item they purchased and why you love it. Keep a log to make it easier, as soon as the gifts start to arrive.

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