Why you should choose a destination wedding

When the weather gets chilly, there’s nothing most people love more than getting away from it all. Whether you’re going somewhere warm, relocating near family, or taking a trip abroad, a destination wedding, reception, and honeymoon all rolled into one makes for a great celebration for you and your guests.

Have a memorable getaway

Having your wedding ceremony and reception in a new location provides a vacation for both you and your guests. Incorporating a vacation along with your wedding makes it a special week-long holiday instead a quick one or two day deal. Even better, your honeymoon starts right away… You’re already there.

Romance is in the air

When you get away (meaning, far away), there is a different aura, a different atmosphere. Everywhere you are, romance is in the air. Sunsets, beaches, the waves, the colours, people… just everything sings “love”.

Easier planning

There is loads to do planning and worrying about a wedding. Guest lists, details, flowers, locations, places for your guests to stay… and so on, and so forth. With a destination wedding, the pressure is minimized. Usually everything (or most things) are done in a package, and the guest list is far more minimal.

Save some money

Destination weddings often cost a lot less. The average wedding costs upwards of $25, 000 to $35, 000. Smaller weddings afar cost less, often due to fewer guests and package deals. And an excellent choice? If you’re not from British Columbia, consider trekking to the West Coast to have a wedding in Victoria or Vancouver Island.

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